For effective operation of diamond drills, it is necessary to take into account their technical parameters
Diamond drills: types, features, use of diamond-coated drills
Diamond is known to be one of the hardest minerals on earth. That's why the most
Laser machines: scope of application, operating principle, advantages
Updated: 02/21/2021 13:15:09 Expert: Andrey Nikolaevich Kuznetsov *Review of the best according to the editors of ABOUT
welding oscillator
Welding oscillator. Stabilization of the welding arc combustion
Protect your eyes | 10/09/2017 In everyday life it is often necessary to weld products made of non-ferrous metals,
How to cut a blank for a belt from a single sheet of leather
Home » Articles » Professionally about metalworking » Lathes We recommend purchasing: Installations for
How to degrease a car
How and how to degrease a car before painting: choosing a composition and do-it-yourself instructions for degreasing
Degreasing the surface of a car is one of the most important stages in preparing it for painting. If
Set of wood cutters
Wood cutters for drills: types and parameters
The drill has long been used not only for drilling holes in various materials. This tool
Design of forged products. Artist-Designer for forging. Development of a sketch for blacksmith work.
High-quality forged products always cause some kind of childish delight. Flowers with leaves on the stair railing
Prohibited use of technical oxygen cylinders
Technical oxygen: production, operation and industrial use
Properties of oxygen and methods of obtaining it During gas welding and cutting, the metal is heated
Plasma cutting of metal on CNC machines
Description of CNC metal plasma cutting machine
10/21/2019 Author: VT-METALL Questions discussed in the material: What types of plasma cutting of metal are used on machines
Mechanical properties of tubing of steel strength groups
Main indicators of strength groups of steel pipes Pump pipes Strength characteristics of rods and their conditions
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