Single-phase asynchronous electric motor - device, principle of operation
Almost everyone is well aware of three-phase electric motors; they are widely used in industry and allow solving the most difficult problems.
Vasiliev Dmitry Petrovich
Magnetic induction, magnetic flux: definition, formulas, meaning
Magnetic induction is a vector quantity, which is the force characteristic of this magnetic field, namely
Basic formulas in electrical engineering
Electrical power: what is it and how to calculate it
Electrical power, designated in the diagrams by the letter P, is a physical quantity that characterizes the speed
Battery charging time.
How to charge pinky batteries. How long to charge batteries. How the device works and additional functions
For normal operation of any battery, you must always remember the “Three Ps” Rule: Do not overheat!
Transformer. Idling and working stroke of the transformer. Electricity transmission and consumption
Definitions Medium power three-phase power transformer - no more than 33.3 MVA with impedance
copper ground bus
Technical characteristics of copper grounding bars
To prevent fire or damage to the electrical network in the event of an accident, they are very often used
Formula for calculating a transformer by core
What is a transformer winding: principles of operation, tasks, capabilities
Sections of the site DirectAdvert NEWS Friends of the site ActionTeaser NEWS Statistics The magnetic core of a low-frequency transformer consists of
What is ohmic resistance?
Linear (specific) parameters of lines
Resistance Imagine that there is a pipe into which stones have been pushed. The water that flows through this
Design load
How is the reserved maximum power calculated?
What are the dangers of exceeding the permitted power? Currently, if the maximum load is detected, the electric company
DC electric motor: connection diagram, operating principle
DC electric motors, now widely used in everyday life and in production, have many advantages,
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