Test: Location of non-ferrous metallurgy industries
Lesson plan: Ferrous metallurgy Non-ferrous metallurgy Currently important positions in heavy industry
How to make a third arm for soldering circuit boards and small parts
When carrying out soldering work, there is always a shortage of available tools that will support the parts or
Casing pipes for wells
Plastic pipes for wells: types and material of manufacture, casing features
Quality of the material: (What is your assessment of the article?) Plastic casing pipes have gained wild popularity and are offered
Steel wire: selection criteria, scope of application, advantages
Steel wire is a long metal thread having a round, square, hexagonal or trapezoidal cross-section. Material
Lines for continuous oxygen-free casting of copper wire
Business concept Wire is a metal thread or cord. Usually the products have a round cross-section,
Rules for the design and safe operation of process pipelines (page 6)
Pipelines - underground and aboveground - are one of the most important communications of cities, farms, and enterprises. Systems
Eglinton Tournament Bridge (completed c. 1845), North Ayrshire, Scotland, built of cast iron
What is cast iron: the composition of cast iron, what is the content of carbon and iron in it, the scope of use of the material
What is Cast iron? It is an iron-based alloy. Belongs to the black group
Powder painting at home: step-by-step instructions on how to apply powder paint with your own hands (photo + description)
Powder painting is a modern technology that allows you to achieve a reliable and durable coating almost
By deciphering the grades of materials
How much does 1 kg of cast iron cost? Cost of cast iron scrap Category Price per kg Price per
Silver solders. Silver has a melting point of 9600C; it is rarely used as solder.
When can you solder silver? Silver is a fairly soft metal, so products made from it are often
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