Diagram of a thyristor welding machine
We make a gearbox for adjusting the current of the welding inverter ourselves - instructions, diagram, setup
One of the main components of a truly high-quality seam is the correct and precise setting of the welding
Sheet blanks made on a coordinate turret press
Sheet metal stamping (hot and cold): types, equipment
Stamping of sheet metal parts today is a very common technology used to produce products.
Disassembling a submersible pump for diagnostics and troubleshooting
Do-it-yourself repair of pumping stations - possible malfunctions and their elimination
The main element of any autonomous water supply system is a pumping station, which, like any other
Drawing on a car
How to connect an airbrush to an aquarium compressor. Compressor for airbrushing from a refrigerator motor. How the airbrush works
An airbrush is a device whose operating principle is based on spraying paint with an air stream. His
Do-it-yourself gate made of corrugated sheets: step-by-step manufacturing instructions
More than one owner of a private house has wondered how to weld a gate from a profile pipe. After all
how to make an air gun with your own hands
How to make air guns with your own hands - plumbing rifles and pistols
Dear readers! The article was published a long time ago and was written for specific videos in the category
electrodes for welding with inverter
§16. Properties of electrodes for welding. Electrode coatings. Technological characteristics of electrodes.
Inverter welding involves the use of IIST - an inverter source of welding current. This is welding
Manual homemade winch: from a simple do-it-yourself device to an electrically driven drum design
I know that now eggs, rotten tomatoes, etc. will fly at me... but I want
Bolts from casting to stamping
Bolts and nuts for cast wheels and their difference from stamped ones
About bolts. In the photo there are two types of bolts: “short” and “long”. “Short” ones are intended for fastening
What is an electric switch - purpose and types
Switches and load switches (SBs) are manually operated switching devices that provide
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