Relief design or inscription on metal in 5 minutes
06/09/2019 Today's equipment and technical equipment helps create aesthetic and universal paintings as if they were your own
cutters made of T5k10 alloy
GOST 3882-74 Hard sintered alloys. Stamps
Increasing the cutting speed of steel is an issue that will always be relevant for production. One
Blade made of P6M5
R6M5 steel characteristics, pros and cons, all details about the metal
Brand: R6M5K5 Class: High-speed tool steel Used for rolling: Long and shaped steel: GOST
Metal extension at home
Metal extension at home - Machine tools, welding, metalworking CONTENTS Application of electrolytic (galvanic) coatings
Argon, properties of the atom, chemical and physical properties
History of the discovery The background to the discovery of Ar began in 1785. Outstanding scientist and naturalist from
Blade wood processing schemes
Wood cutting. Tools, materials, machines and equipment
Cutting elements. Basic concepts and definitions A workpiece is an object subject to change in shape and size
Welding technology for dissimilar metals and alloys
Home / Welding technique Back Reading time: 2 min 0 441 When it comes
Copper welding – technologies, electrodes, devices
Copper wires are more practical than aluminum wires; they are often used for wiring in private homes, laid when
TOP-5. The best wood chisels (set). Rating 2022!
Updated: 04/22/2021 16:53:16 Expert: Andrey Nikolaevich Kuznetsov *Review of the best according to the editors of ABOUT
High speed steel
GOST 18874-73 Lathe slotting and cutting cutters made of high-speed steel. Design and dimensions
01/03/2022 Author: VT-METALL From this material you will learn: The history of the creation of high-speed cutters Characteristics of high-speed steels
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