5 best mounting saws for metal and recommendations for choosing

A mounting (cutting) saw is a practical and reliable device suitable for working with metal of any density.

Easily cuts steel, copper, aluminum and other metals.

With its help, the cut is neat and as precise as possible.

When choosing a saw for metal, it is important to familiarize yourself with its main parameters and compare several options.

TOP 10 best mounting saws for metal
1 BOSCH GCD 12 JLFind out the price
2 Metabo CS 23-355Find out the price
3 Makita LC1230Find out the price
4 ELITECH PM 1218Find out the price
5 Makita LW1401Find out the price
6 ELITECH PM 2535Find out the price
7 ELITECH PM 3040TFind out the price
8 Zitrek PM-1200Find out the price
9 VORTEX OP-355/2200Find out the price
10 AEG SMT 355Find out the price

Jet MCS-275 T

Main characteristics:

  • Power - 1000 W;
  • Voltage - 380 V;
  • RPM - 42-84 rpm;
  • Cutting width - 100 mm;
  • Cutting depth - 80 mm;
  • Disc diameter - 275 mm;
  • The bore diameter is 32 mm.

Working part. The body of the movable head of the machine is made of cast iron, which guarantees its reliability and durability. The drive is a gear reducer filled with oil to reduce friction, the level of which can be monitored through a special window.

The working element is a cutting disc with a diameter of 275 mm with a mounting hole of 32 mm, the choice of which will not pose any problems. Manual control. The built-in spring compensates for the operator's efforts when changing the position of the tool in the vertical plane.

Built-in spring Jet MCS-275 T.

Sawing table. The massive wide frame rests firmly on a horizontal surface and can be bolted to the base. It is equipped with a vice with a quick lock and a rotating mechanism that allows you to accurately set the angle of rotation of the workpiece in the range of 45° in any direction.

Vise with quick release and rotating mechanism.

Functionality and capabilities. The machine's power of 1000 W and the disk size are sufficient for cutting steel pipes with a diameter of up to 80 mm. The cut is made at a speed of 42 or 84 revolutions per minute. Optimal conditions for the operation of cutting edges are provided by an automatic coolant supply system with a 2.5-liter tank.

Pros of Jet MCS-275 T

  1. Possibility of connecting to a network voltage of 220 and 380 volts.
  2. Quick-clamping mechanisms of the vice and rotary platform.
  3. Two speed modes.
  4. Motor overload protection.
  5. End stop for faster cutting of similar parts.
  6. Comfortable handle with motor control button.

Cons of Jet MCS-275 T

  1. High price.
  2. The disc is not included in the package.


Main characteristics:

  • Power - 2200 W
  • Voltage - 220 V
  • RPM - 1300 rpm
  • Cutting width - 230 mm
  • Cutting depth - 140 mm
  • Disc diameter - 355 mm
  • Bore diameter - 25.4 mm

Working part. The movable head of this mounting saw consists of a 2200 W electric motor with a 388x25.4 mm cutting disc mounted on its shaft. Rotation speed 1300 rpm. The absence of a gearbox made the design as compact and lightweight as possible. The protective cover, which moves as the wheel is lowered, ensures the safety of the operator. The spring makes it easier to manipulate the rotating frame, which is especially important during monotonous work.

Spring for manipulation DeWALT DW 872.

Sawing table. The rectangular steel base of the machine rests firmly on the work table and can be secured with bolts. It contains a rotary vice with a quick-clamping mechanism that allows you to cut parts at a given angle.

Functionality and capabilities. The machine is connected to a standard electrical network with a voltage of 220 volts. It is capable of cutting steel workpieces with a width of 230 and a thickness of 140 mm. To protect the engine from overloads and prevent voltage surges, a soft start system is provided.

Pros of DeWALT DW 872

  1. Compact sizes.
  2. High power.
  3. Spindle lock for easy disk mounting.
  4. Easy replacement of motor brushes.
  5. Fixation of the working head during transportation.
  6. Equipped with a titanium disc with carbide teeth.

Cons of DeWALT DW 872

  1. The vice is fixed only in several positions without the possibility of arbitrarily setting the required angle.
  2. High noise level.
  3. The control handle is located on the side, which often leads to a slight shift in the cutting plane.


Main characteristics:

  • Power - 2300 W
  • Voltage - 220 V
  • RPM - 3800 rpm
  • Cutting width - 125 mm
  • Cutting depth - 120 mm
  • Disc diameter - 355 mm
  • Bore diameter - 25.4 mm

Working part. The machine is driven by a brush motor with a power of 2300 W, connected to a single-phase network with a voltage of 220 volts. A cutting disc with a diameter of 350 mm and a mounting hole of 25.4 mm is mounted on its shaft and rotates at a speed of 3800 rpm. The entire structure is extremely light, compact and easy to transport. Operator safety is ensured by a metal casing with a removable shield and a spark arrestor.

Sawing table. The base is small in size. To increase stability and dampen vibration, rubber inserts are fixed in its corners. The vice allows you to cut workpieces at an angle of 90 and 45 degrees.

Vice AEG SMT 355.

Functionality and capabilities. The machine is capable of providing a maximum cutting width and depth of 125 and 120 mm, respectively. The design of the motor makes it possible to replace the brushes yourself, which saves the owner time and money. To simplify the installation of the disk there is a spindle lock.

Pros of AEG SMT 355

  1. High performance.
  2. Small dimensions and weight.
  3. Availability of a spark arrester.
  4. Manufacturer's warranty 6 years.
  5. Reasonable price.
  6. There is a designated place to store the key.

Cons of AEG SMT 355

  1. Not the most accurate protractor.
  2. Comes with a cheap disk, which is better to replace immediately.
  3. A slight backlash.

Disc cutting machines

Disc cutting is used for longitudinal cutting of rolled steel: the steel is cut into narrow (30...400 mm wide) strips, which are wound into strips (used in the production of welded pipes, profiles and siding).

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For increase:

  • performance, multiple parallel disks are installed;
  • accuracy - calibration bushings.

Example of equipment: cutting disc machine “FC-250”.

Bosch GCO 14-24 J

Main characteristics:

  • Power - 2400 W
  • Voltage - 220 V
  • RPM - 3800 rpm
  • Cutting width - 196 mm
  • Cutting depth - 100 mm
  • Disc diameter - 355 mm
  • Bore diameter - 25.4 mm

Working part. This stationary metal cutting machine has compact dimensions and weighs only 18.1 kg. Its movable head is a rotating frame with a 2.4 kW motor mounted on it, on the shaft of which an abrasive disk measuring 355 mm with the most common mounting diameter of 25.4 mm is installed.

A built-in spring and an ergonomic handle with a start button make operation as convenient as possible. A metal casing with a shield that moves when lowered eliminates the risk of injury.

Built-in spring Bosch GCO 14-24 J.

Sawing table. The base is equipped with wide rubber feet for better stability. The vice is equipped with a thrust plate, the position of which is set using a hex key.

Functionality and capabilities. The saw can cut metal workpieces up to 196 mm wide and up to 100 mm thick. Processing is performed at a speed of 3800 rpm. There is a soft start system and protection against unintentional switching on. The unique design of the machine ensures maximum use of the disc until complete grinding.

Pros of Bosch GCO 14-24 J 0.601.B37.200

  1. High power.
  2. Compact sizes.
  3. Quality materials.
  4. Thoughtful design.
  5. Increased security.
  6. Sold complete with abrasive disc.
  7. Affordable price.

Cons Bosch GCO 14-24 J 0.601.B37.200

  1. It is difficult to accurately set the required angle.
  2. Slight play in the vice.

Makita 2414NB

Main characteristics:

  • Power - 2000 W
  • RPM - 3800 rpm
  • Cutting width - 233 mm
  • Disc diameter - 355 mm
  • Bore diameter - 25.4 mm

Working part. This mounting saw has a convenient rotating mechanism with a spring force compensator. It has a reliable 2000 Watt motor. All conductive parts are double insulated. A specially designed metal guard protects the operator from the risk of accidental contact with the rotating disc. The ergonomic handle with control key is suitable for gripping with any hand.

Metal protective cover Makita 2414NB.

Sawing table. The wide rectangular base with rubber feet on the edges makes it easy to find a stable position when installing. The part to be cut is secured with a vice at any angle, which can be adjusted using a universal wrench.

Possible angle of Makita 2414NB vice.

Functionality and capabilities . The machine works with disks of a common diameter of 355 mm with a mounting hole of 25.4 mm. When replacing it, the shaft is blocked. Direct drive made the design extremely light and compact. The maximum cutting depth of 115 mm is suitable for most metal work.

Pros of Makita 2414NB

  1. Good performance.
  2. High-quality materials of main components and parts.
  3. Comfortable handle.
  4. Safety.
  5. Additional carrying handle.
  6. Relatively low price.

Cons of Makita 2414NB

  1. No soft start.
  2. There is no provision for fixing the start button in the working position.
  3. When cutting at an angle, there is a slight displacement of the disc.

Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is performed using a high-speed jet of water mixed with abrasive. The operating principle of this method is as follows: the flow of water, passing through a hole Ø 0.2...0.4 mm, reaches a speed of ≥ 900 m/min. When colliding with a workpiece being cut, the kinetic energy of the jet is converted into mechanical energy of micro-destruction of the material, and cutting occurs. Waterjet cutting in industrial conditions is an efficient and highly productive process.

Example of equipment: waterjet cutting machine “Mattex NWJ-2000×4000”.

Machine for waterjet cutting of material “Mattex-NWJ-2000×4000”.

Which mounting saw is better to choose?

When choosing a power tool for cutting metal, it is necessary to evaluate the build quality of the most important components, the materials used in the manufacture of parts and the convenience of the entire design for long-term operation. Let's look at what basic elements of the machine and its functionality you need to pay attention to.

What you need to know about engine types

Metal saws are equipped with two main types of electric power units.

Asynchronous motor

The asynchronous electric motor is most widely used in modern technology. It is reliable, relatively easy to manufacture, and has a long service life. It has a low starting torque and significant current during acceleration. It should be started at idle speed, after which it can be subjected to work loads. The absence of carbon brushes in the design guarantees long-term maintenance-free operation of the engine.

Sectional view of an asynchronous motor.

Brushed motor

Commutator motors incorporate graphite brushes that transmit current to the windings of a rotating rotor. Such models are usually smaller in size, easy to manufacture and repair, and inexpensive. They have limited power, low efficiency and require more frequent maintenance. They are not designed for long-term operation at high speeds. When choosing a machine with an electric motor of this type, it is advisable to make sure that you can replace the brushes yourself, so as not to resort to the services of after-sales services.

Cross-section of a commutator motor.

What types of drive can be used

The transmission of torque from the electric motor to the cutting heads of mounting saws is realized in two ways.

Belt drive

Belt drive is more typical for professional high-performance machines. It may cause a slight loss of power, but it protects the engine from overloads. The presence of several pulleys allows you to change the cutting speed mode and use discs of different diameters.

Belt driven metal assembly saw.

Drive via gearbox

Drive through a gearbox is more common in household and semi-professional tools. The gearbox transmits power without losses, but increases the load on the engine if the material resistance increases excessively. This negatively affects the service life of the entire machine.

Assembly saw for metal driven through a gearbox.

What you need to know about power

Engine power is directly related to the technical capabilities of the metal mounting saw. The vast majority of models are equipped with motors consuming from 700 to 2600 W. This indicator is selected depending on the intensity of use and the nature of the operations performed. Leading manufacturers equip their products with overload protection and electronic speed stabilization systems that improve performance under high loads.

Type of disk used

When cutting and processing metal workpieces, you can use discs of various designs and materials. There are two main types of consumables used in mounting saws.

Abrasive discs

Abrasive discs are made from solid components and have internal reinforcement. During operation, they gradually wear out, which does not greatly affect the cutting efficiency, but reduces the possibilities for cutting volumetric parts. Their life cycle amounts to several dozen cuts.

Mounting machine with abrasive disc.

They are prone to displacement and slight changes in shape, and this is a significant drawback with increased requirements for cutting accuracy. Such wheels are better suited for processing materials with high hardness, but wood, plastic or non-ferrous metals are difficult to cut.

Gas cutting machines

Gas cutting is the burning of metal with a stream of oxygen: the workpiece is heated with a gas flame, followed by exposure to a cutting oxygen stream.

The cutting speed depends on the workpiece material:

  • low-carbon steel (carbon content < 0.3%) is much easier to cut with gas than high-carbon steel;
  • high-carbon steel (carbon > 1%) is cut with the addition of special fluxes;
  • high-alloy steel, copper and bronze can only be cut with oxygen-flux;
  • It is generally impossible to cut aluminum with gas.

Example of equipment: gas cutting machine “Agat”.

Gas cutting installation “Agat”. Wholesale price 10,350,000 rub.

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